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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is your showroom located?
A. Our showroom is located at #1 Global Avenue, Aranguez South. See below for directions.
Q. How do I view prices on your website?
A. You need to have an account and be signed in order to see our prices. If you are an existing customer and logging in for the first time, use the email address you usually receive emails from us as your login and your password will be your customer ID (which can be found on any previous invoice). If you are having problems please call us at 612-4698.

Q. Are your items VAT inclusive or do I have to add VAT?
A. All our items are VAT Exclusive. You have to add 12.5% VAT to your order which is done for you in your "cart".

Q. Do you sell retail? I.e. Can I buy 1 item or less than a case?
A. No we entertain wholesale enquires only. For 95% of our items the minimum purchase is the case pack in the specified item, however for items packed 1 in a case you will have to enquire on our minimum for that particular item. We also have a minimum purchase of $5,000.00.

Q. Do you deliver?
A. Yes, we deliver nationwide. Minimum spend of $1000.00 for free delivery.

Q. How long will it take to receive my order?
A. It usually takes 1-3 business days.

Q. I received my order but I have shortages/damages, what do I do?
A. We will warrant any defective items within the first 14 days of purchase. You can call and notify us and we will send someone to collect the damages or you can drop it off at our warehouse. You must fill out an RMA form when doing this. You can find this form readily available on the "Forms" or "Return Policy" tab.